What's the Goal?

What are we trying to do? To overcome centuries of animosity, distrust and misunderstanding, and learn from Scripture and each other about the God of Israel and his intentions for us.

Gentile and Jew together? You’ve got to be kidding! Or you’re trying to trick us!

No. Instead, we are serious, authentic, intentional. Not kidding. No tricks.

We invite you to join us in an experiment, a start up, an adventure, a journey to the Jewish roots of faith, and the future of Israel. 

We will be discovering the very Jewish Jesus, and reclaiming and restoring the faith of his first followers, getting back the identity stolen by centuries of misdirection and misdeed.

Jesus did not start a new religion. He was a Jewish rabbi, a teacher, who taught about Torah and love, and how to fulfill Torah through love. We will engage with Torah, and with the teachings of Jesus. We will learn from both!