This Collection

This collection of scrolls, containing all the books of the Jewish Bible in scroll form, is truly a rare treasure for anyone who identifies as a Christian or a Jew. There are apparently 2 or  3 similar collections in existence, but they are not open to the public.

This exhibit speaks for itself without any attempt to convert anyone to any faith. The presentation exhibits ritual objects connected with a Torah scroll, its construction, and placement in the synagogue. If anyone has any questions, they are invited to ask them, and they will receive a good answer. Rabbis in the community are welcome to attend and add any additional comment they deem proper.

Our congregation, which is affiliated with the Conservative movement, hosted this exhibit which was open to the entire community. We counted more than 1000 people who came through the exhibit in just four hours on a Sunday afternoon. The reviews from our own congregation and from the community-at-large were glowing. I highly recommend this exhibit and would urge anyone hosting this exhibit to make it available to the entire community. It will be one of your most successful programs.

Rabbi Gary G. Perras

Temple Israel

Daytona Beach, Florida